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Kit, Books, and Supplies


Full-Time Tuition




Total Full-Time Cost

(Reg., Kit, Tuition)

Total Part-Time Cost

(Reg., Kit, Tuition)

The registration fee of $175 and the kit fee of $5025 are non-refundable. These Fees insure availability and supplies for the date the student wants to be enrolled. A weekly payment plan is available to full-time students only. The Payment plan is as follows:

Kit and registration fee: $175 + $5025 (due one month prior to start date)

Finance Fee: $155 (Due first day of class attending)

Weeks 1-37: $260 due first day of each week.

Week 38: $180

**In addition to the $180 on week 38 will be any overages that the student may have incurred over the student's time at the Montana Beauty Institute. Overages will be calculated at the rate of $15 per hour for any unexcused absences.** 

If a student fails to pay a payment on their agreement, regardless of if the student is actively enrolled at the time, Montana Beauty Institute will be entitled to the student’s current balance in full, due and payable immediately. If legal action is required to collect  said balance owed to Montana Beauty Institute, the student will be responsible for all collection costs including collection agency charges, fees or attorney’s fees, regardless if  the situation is litigated. All balances due to Montana Beauty Institute must be paid in  full prior to being able to graduate. No request for records or diploma will be released until paid in full. 

Extra-Instructional Charges Policy:

Each course/program has been scheduled for completion within an allotted time frame. A grace period of approximately ten days (8 hour days) has been added to the calculated completion date for each program. It is not realistic to expect to receive an education for free. The school has reserved space, equipment, and licensed instructors for each student and course/program. If a student does not graduate within the contract period, additional training will be billed at the rate of $15 per hour needed to complete the program, or any part thereof, payable in advance, until graduation. Students will not be allowed to clock in until applicable weekly payments are made.

Montana Beauty Institute’s Tuition & Fees do not include NIC Practical Exam Fees, Montana State Board Written Exam Fee or license fees.

This course/program will be taught in English.

Enrollment Information



Manicures, Pedicures (inc. hand/arm, foot ankle and lower leg massage & polish) application of monomer liquid and polymer powder nail enhancements, nail tips, nail wraps, uv gels nail art and use of manicuring implements including electric nail file ---> 95 

Skin care(includes: facials, cosmetics, makeup, massage, essential oils, application and maintenance of artificial eyelashes, tinting of lashes and eyebrows, and chemical curling of lashes) Skin exfoliation, waxing and tweezing, and electricity and light therapy ---> 110 

Shampoo(including scalp treatment), hair styling (pin curls, fingerwaving, thermal curling, blow dry styling, braiding, back combing, and wet styling ---> 195 

Chemical Services (waving, relaxing: ammonium thioglycolate, sodium hydroxide methods, hair coloring, and hair lightening) ---> 395 

Hair Cutting (including the proper use of implements, e.g., shears, razors, clippers, and thinning shears) ---> 155 

Salon Management, general facility sanitation and cleanliness, business methods, customer service, appointment book, professional ethics and current state board laws and rules ---> 115 

Chemistry, bacteriology, sanitation, sterilization, safety, anatomy, physiology, blood spill procedure, and diseases and disorders of hair, scalp, skin and nails ---> 60 

School Discretion ---> 375

Total Hours


Not less than 200 hours of the above curriculum must be taught in theory. The course is 1500 hours; the first 400 hours are intensive basic training. At the completion of the course, you will be trained and prepared to take the Montana State Board Examination and apply for your license to practice as a professional . 

There are many opportunities available in the cosmetology industry. A licensed cosmetologist can be an hourly employee at a salon or you can be your own boss by renting a station from a salon owner. After 1 year in the industry you could train to be a Cosmetology instructor (650 hour course). 

Product lines hire cosmetologists to travel to different places to be a product educator. You could also own your own salon. The possibilites are endless. 

Do you want to love the work you do?